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Added: April 19, 2015

Heather Starlet might be the biggest fan of interracial porn. Heathers laptop is full of more interracial images and videos than most servers. The scene playing out on her laptop features Mandingos enormous dipstick getting sucked on by a fellow black cock slut. The gigantic black cock that Mandingos packing was all the incentive Heather needed to rub her pussy while still wearing white pink panties. The intimate moment ended when the sandman came calling. Heathers dream got extremely dark when the iconic Mandingo entered the picture. Heather, just as slutty in her dream than when shes awake,is really no match for the amount of black meat Mandingo swings around on a daily basis. Heather glides her hands all over that brontosaurus cock until her crimson lips wrap around it. The tip of Mandingos black cock is all of his whopper that Heather can manage to stuff in her mouth. Our little dreamer continues to rub her pussy while her mouth siphons that behemoth of a black dick. Mandingos big, black cock drills its way deep inside Heathers naughty area until the sweat drips into her eyes. Mandingos hitting parts of Heathers pussy that her boyfriend can never.....really.....get to. Heathers ass is in the air while Mandingo continues the assault on that white ass. The fun is ony starting as Heather lowers herself onto Mandingo as her pussy lips spread apart like the Dead Sea. The fat nutsack on Mandingo slams into her pussy until her milky white flaps eventually get red and sore. The cherry on the top of Heathers interracial sex dream comes when Mandingo unleashes his furious load on her face. Heather Starlet makes sure that no drop of black jizz remains in his tank, so she jerks him until hes completely empty.the last remaining ounces of black gravy drip onto her tits. Heather gets woken up by her boyfriend whos only use is ruining an otherwise interesting afternoon.

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